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Welcome to Better Sex Through Yoga A fun energizing introduction to Yoga for the best reason of all - your love life.

The Better Sex Through Yoga series utilizes yoga's unique ability to focus, stretch and strengthen one of the most important yet often neglected regions of the body; your sexual core muscles, located deep inside your pelvis and connected to your sexual organs.

While stretching and revitalizing these muscles will improve your posture, sex appeal and make you seem a few inches taller and that much thinner, it will also heighten your sexual awareness and ability to feel comfortable and sexy with your partner.

Designed for both men and women, Better Sex Through Yoga is packed with carefully chosen yoga postures that make it easy for beginners to stimulate and revitalize your body's sexual core. Begin unlocking years of tension in your sexual-core muscles and repairing the damage caused from prolonged sitting that might be negatively affecting your love like.

These routines are designed so you don't need to be limber or athletic to start feeling the sexual benefits of yoga, usually after the first session. No complicated positions to master - just simple targeted moves to start you on your way to a revitalized, amazing new love life.

The Better Sex Through Yoga series features quality yoga instruction that has garnered praise in publications such as Fitness Magazine, The Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, New York Magazine, Redbook, CNN, ABC, Fox News, etc, you get the idea.

From Beginner to Advanced the three-part Better Sex Through Yoga video series is not just a yoga workout - yes if done regularly it will shed inches from your waist line and give you that often talked about yoga butt - but most importantly it will set you on a path to a whole new lifestyle of personal health and sexual satisfaction.

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